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Lorrain Thomson Bio


  Born in London England Lorraine emigrated to Canada with her parents as a child. She earned her Art's and Science diploma from H.B. Beal in London Ontario after majoring in fine art for three years. After graduation she attended the Fine Art program at Fanshawe College . During these years she studied under well known artist Herb Ariss, Burt Kloezaman and Ray Robinson. Lorraine's work has been seen in over thirty exhibitions in galleries across Ontario. She has also been an art educator for the past fifteen years wich includes , Lambton College Fanshawe College, Continuing education, Library programs, numerous work shops within schools and her personal studio. Currently she is working with "Learning Through The Arts" programs and has a home based gallery named "Bliss".subject should be an exciting and interesting process. "Everyone is born an artist."


Artist Statement:

My art work is an extension of how I perceive the images that surround me. These images include the beauty of nature, my dreams, emotional state of mind and my somewhat bizarre sense of humor. I work in many different types of media, including found objects, all paints and drawing materials, clay as well as collage.

Expressing ourselves visually is instinctive, first scribbling, then drawing, communicating before we learn to print or write. In all the years that i have been an instructor I have not known of a child who did not have the curiosity to draw paint or sculpt. Learning any subject should be an exciting and interesting process. "Everyone is born an artist."