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Bliss Studio is a Owen Sound contemporary Gallery located at 318611 Grey road one Balmy Beach ON. Canada. We are open by chance or by appointment. PH 226 268 5404


Bliss is owned and operated by professional artists that have over thirty years of combined experience in the arts. Being artists they have a unique perspective from the artists point of view rather than solely from a dealers. They do not just look at the bottom line when it comes to choosing who they show. The work is chosen to exhibit on the merits and unique talent of the artist rather than the “can we sell this” perspective.


They believe art should be accessible to everyone not just the wealthy. The openings are very casual and fun affairs and try to feature live music from local musicians when possible. Part of their mission is to take away the formality and elitism that seems to exist in the art world and replace it with a fun experience that focuses on showing the works of art. They want their visitors to enjoy the art without feeling pressure to buy something.

 Bliss was founded on the idea that everyone is born an artist and they want to wake up that forgotten child.


They work and live by the belief “That to be truly alive you should do what brings you joy every day. You should follow your bliss.” (Joseph Campbell)